BeHoCa home for boys


Believe, Hope & Care. Offers rehabilitation and a bright future for the street boys of Mombasa, Kenya.


We work together on a better future for street children in Kenya. It's dangerous on the streets. little attention is paid to hygiene, there is a lot of violence and abuse and the children often have no access to education or health care. They live and sleep in unsafe places, eat and drink unsafe water and food. The children have to deal with violence, abuse and sexual exploitation on a daily basis, are chased away time and time again by the police and local residents and often (in order to survive) come into contact with crime and drugs. Just like any other child, they have the right to a carefree childhood, with a view to a promising future!

Volunteer work or internship

The BeHoCa Foundation offers you the opportunity to do an internship or volunteer work in our home in Mombasa. This is because we believe that this wonderful and educational experience should not be denied to anyone. This opportunity brings people closer together, closer to Kenya with its culture and huge beautiful natural parks. It gives you the opportunity to see what it does to you to live and work in a developing country. This life experience is one that you will remember and honor all your life! For the home, but especially for the children, this possibility also offers a valuable contribution. It means that the children receive extra attention and more guidance and support. The children also learn to deal with people from a different culture with a different way of working and/or thinking. And of course the kids love having visitors! Are you curious and would you like more information about this opportunity?

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